Current position : Satellites


HY-1 Series Satellites

HY-1 Satellite is our country's ocean color satellite, it is used for obtaining our country's offshore and global ocean color and temperature and coastal zone dynamic change. Its main remote sensing loads are ocean color scanner and coastal zone imager.
The Mission of HY-1
To master the information of ocean marine primary productivity distribution, ocean fishery industry, livestock breeding situation, environmental quality and etc. providing scientific basis for ...


HY-2 Series Satellites

HY-2 Satellite is our country's marine dynamic environment satellite, it is used for all-weather, all-aerospace obtaining the information of our country offshore and global sea surface wind field, sea surface height, significant wave heights and sea surface temperature. Its remote sensing loads including, microwave scatterometer, radar altimeter, scanning microwave radiometer, calibration microwave radiometer and etc. The satellite carries both the initiative and passive microwave remote sensing, having the ability of high accuracy orbit ...